The FPGA.  The chip that makes Software Defined Radio possible. 


When I became interested in the Flex 6300 a couple of years ago, I knew nothing about the FPGA concept. (And as I am not an Engineer or a Computer Science major). I still know little. That said, I went in search of a tutorial that would serve as an introduction to the FPGA and an explanation as to why it has opened up this new world in Ham radio.  There are many out there.  And none are perfect for the Ham Op, but this one I found very useful. Maybe you will too?

Multi-Source real time Information Viewing

This is my minimum set up for watching news and scanning web news subscriptions.  It’s basically just 3 iPads/iphone  6+  and a 55′ Flat Screen DVR with RF headphones.

wa4d  News configurationation at home

My Global Media List. ( yes it has a western slant)

DOMESTIC  Media       Washington POST, NY Times, Baltimore Sun, LA Times,  Foreign Affairs, the Best of the Left podcast,  Bloomberg,  The National Review, Wall Street Journal.  

International Media —  BBC, the Guardian, South China Morning Post  (Hong Kong English Language) Council on Foreign Relations,  DieWelt (german use the translate…it’s good)  the Moscow Times/English Version.

Fact Check & Social Media – PolitFact, FactCheck.ORG,  Twitter I do not use FaceBook.

If I could only read one Media site daily it would be:

DomesticThe Wall Street Journal.    (Paywall. IMHO Best Paper in the USA)