Random Career Photo: NBC News Anchor Jessica Savitch

I can’t remember the date on this one.  Summer 1979 maybe.

Me and NBC News Washington Anchor Jessica Savitch on the set.   Jessica was one of the first women to anchor a network evening newscast.  I was audio on the program for a few months before I went into news field opns full time.  She was a serious journalist .The crew loved working with her.  Tragedy took her just a few years after this photo. She drowned in a creek in an overturned car.  I had a secret crush on her.


Random career photo. At the Oscars!

wa4d Oscars Set up 2013

On the Red Carpet at 7:30am day before the Oscars / 2012


I worked at the Academy Awards show for 9 years. It was a 2 week project in February each year.  I had the best job in the place!  Red Carpet  multi-cam coverage. We produced an international show (Non-Broadcast) streamed to the WORLD.   — the fans the stars the whole scene was a blast. Hollywood Blvd: Ground Zero of Celebrity Worship!!  The streaming show got tons of social media feedback. Never underestimate the global interest in American entertainment!

Year: 2012′

Photo the next day. (W/ EFX)j 


Education Matters in a Globalized knowledge-worker era but not in Ham Radio.


               BS. University of Texas at Austin


                                   MA.American  University. Washington DC


First Class Radiotelephone License. (From The FCC of course!)


Continuing Education: Post Graduate courses, seminars, ITIL Certification / Six Sigma Green Belt

And one of my favorite learning environments: LYNDA.COM


Turn on!   LOG IN:  Get SMART!

What else does the “Dawg” do?

Here in Charlottesville, Va home of the University of Virginia there is an on campus guest speaker program open to the public. I go to these often.

In October three Professors discussed the British Exit from the European Union.   Each brought a different view.  A political science professor. A European economics prof and a History professor.  I got in the last question from the audience. I asked, “What would Winston  Churchill have thought of BREXIT?” 

Photos: WA4D

Anyway I look forward to these meetings!

Nevada Desert


I spent 10 years in Los Angeles. Every year I attended the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas.  I had the option of flying or driving. No contest. The 5 hour drive was best!.  It’s an awesome drive on I-15 smack through the middle of the Mojave desert. I tossed my CW paddle in the car one year and put it on the desert floor. An “end of days” image.

The FPGA.  The chip that makes Software Defined Radio possible. 


When I became interested in the Flex 6300 a couple of years ago, I knew nothing about the FPGA concept. (And as I am not an Engineer or a Computer Science major). I still know little. That said, I went in search of a tutorial that would serve as an introduction to the FPGA and an explanation as to why it has opened up this new world in Ham radio.  I’m an “appliance operator.  I never understood all of the Mixers/Oscillators/Roofing filters that make up the Super-Heterodyne architecture.  But hey! I could read a block diagram!  There are many videos out there.  No one video is perfect for the Ham Op, but  I found this one very useful. Maybe you will too? Try it!

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