Random Career Photos:Tammy Faye in the final days of her reign. Year-1989


YEAR:  1989   You have to be of a certain age to recall the PTL Club and the saga of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker.  I shot  the still phtos above of Tammy during Jim’s trial in Charlotte, NC.  The setting was just outside her home. Tammy Faye would come out and talk to the press each afternoon.  Though the charges were serious, the atmosphere was casual. I was runnng the NBC Sat Truck for several days.  What was supposed to be Just an 8 hour day turned into 15 hour days. Today Show/ Affiliate Feeds/ O+O feeds and NBC Nightly News.

They were selling  T-Shirts with Tammy’s face on the front at a Mall nearby. I bought one.  It’s been in a plastic bag for 28 years. Never worn. (Took it out just to shoot this image) —Oh!  And Jim Bakker  did 5 years.


Random Career Photo: Joe Namath … 

yes the same guy who 3 days before Super Bowl III electrified every teen age boy who ever played football– “Broadway Joeguaranteed his team would win the Super Bowl against the heavily favored Baltimore Colts.  And they did!  Jets 16–Colts 7.

Summer 1985 — Joe Namath was  to be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame.  In early summer we flew up to Connecticut where Namath still has summer Football camp for kids. As I recall we were there 3 days to shoot a “profile piece” on Namath.  It’s impossible to overstate how much fun it was shooting that piece. Namath was sincere,friendly and you would never have known he was still one of the most famous Sports celebrities in the nation.

Legendary  University of Alabama football coach Bear Bryant said Namath was, “the greatest athlete I have ever coached.”    At the 1985 Hall of Fame induction ceremony  Joe Namath got emotional and broke down in tears when he attributed his success to his deceased coach — Paul “Bear” Bryant — at Alabama.

“Wherever you are,” said Namath between sobs, “… thanks Coach.”

I’ve still got the Sun Visor!  The Joe Namath Football Camp starts July 10th 2017.  The 45th year!

Random Career Photo: NBC News Anchor Jessica Savitch

I can’t remember the date on this one.  Summer 1979 maybe.

Me and NBC News Washington Anchor Jessica Savitch on the set.   Jessica was one of the first women to anchor a network evening newscast.  I was audio on the program for a few months before I went into news field opns full time.  She was a serious journalist .The crew loved working with her.  Tragedy took her just a few years after this photo. She drowned in a creek in an overturned car.  I had a secret crush on her.