Net Neutrality: most hams have no clue

FCC Chairman Ajit V. Pai is pushing hard to dismantle  “Net Neutrality”   Most Hams will not  want this roll back.   The short version: If “Net Neutrality” regulations are rolled-back —- You could have to pay to use specific web sites—- . That’s right. Think about it.  You could have to pay a “subscription” fee to use QRZ.Com!  Or pay access fee for Facebook, Google, Drop Box, BBC, Yahoo, BING  and many more.  The graphic below shows  what your subscription fee plan  could look like. — Free access to information matters.

D4851C26-43DD-4A40-8846-8820EBE6F20ERead more about it. This is important!  Really!


This graphic is amusing. Yet it is a visual metaphor for what’s going on.


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