Happiness is download speed > 200mbps

Xfinity / Comcast Modem upgrade




This is not a commercial for Comcast.  That said, their service in my area is simply outstanding. My previous  level with ComCast was set at 25 mbps DOWN and 5 mbps up.  And the service always exceeded that level. My new service level is 200mbps Down/12Mbps Up. The install was easy.



First Speed Test after upgraded modem


I run a Gig-E network in the house. Often 4 simultaneous video streams to the flat screen in my shack as well as drive a Mac, a PC. Other devices include  3 iPads and 2 iPhones.  At the base level service (25dwn/6up) I would occasionally get a video stutter on the streams. Not anymore!

I can now run those multiple video streams in bound and stream my web cam with audio output from my rig with flawless performance. No complaints!