.Radio Top Level Domain is here!

Radio URL break out



Most Hams don’t have a personal Web address.  But if you’ve ever thought of claiming your call sign domain— there’s an even better reason to claim it now.  Instead of being wa4d.net. or arrl.org you can now register for  your call .Radio   There is a new internet extension reserved for the Radio Community. ” .radio is a new top-level domain (like .com or .net) which is exclusively dedicated to radio stations, web radios, radio professionals, companies selling radio goods and services and radio amateurs.

Radio url graphic

Learn about the .radio extension–Click on image below. or GO to www.nic.radio.

Radio TDL site

“Thanks Dawg…. But I really just want to get this done as quickly as possible”

Then go Directly to register.radio 

The .radio people say: “Specific to radio: this extension will become quickly a high-value internet space for commercial websites, your mail system and other internet applications.”

Yes the ARRL knows about this too.  Click on the LOGO.