2 thoughts on “Random Career Photo: NBC, the early days

  1. You didn’t get lucky. You missed out on an opportunity indeed the privilege of serving your country. Drawing 359 would have meant nothing to me. I enlisted because I wanted to..

    No matter. Most of our generation did not serve the nation.

    I did.

    You didn’t

    And by the way. Having worked as a civilian in a defense plant buys you no cred.

    Don’t thank me for my service.

  2. I heard your Rant today on 7250. It’s too bad you think you have to alienate other hams, or people for that matter. I read your website, and you have a lot of interesting life experiences, perhaps ham radio isn’t for you anymore, or maybe you just haven’t found the right group of people.
    We are the same age with some background in common. I did not serve in Vietnam, I got lucky and entered a 2 year tech program in 1968 and the year I completed, was the first draft lottery. I drew 359, figured it was a gift and took advantage of it. I worked in local broadcasting, got my first phone in 1973. Got my first job in TV as a switcher/operator. Followed by a couple years in Radio as a Chief engineer. After a few paychecks bounced, I decided to find something else. I worked as a tech in a 2-way shop for 5 years, then landed a job with IBM fixing all sorts of shit at a defense plant. Laid off in 2009 from the Presidential Helo program, after it was shut down, at that time I was a Lab Tech.
    29 years in the defense industry and don’t miss anything except the Test Equipment and the British tomato soup every other Thursday in the cafeteria. After the layoff I took some time off and did a cross country bicycle race (my other passion) Then went back into broadcasting as chief of the local AM/FM, eventually training my successor in the ways of RF. Fully retired, but consult on occasion.
    So we all have a story, I recon. I took the time to read yours, I hope you took the time to read mine. BTW I do understand there are lots of appliance operators out there and that’s fine with me. There have been since I got my Novice license in 1966. I’m just happy that there still is a hobby out there. It’s been good to me.

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