Random Career Photo: Joe Namath … 

yes the same guy who 3 days before Super Bowl III electrified every teen age boy who ever played football– “Broadway Joeguaranteed his team would win the Super Bowl against the heavily favored Baltimore Colts.  And they did!  Jets 16–Colts 7.

Summer 1985 — Joe Namath was  to be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame.  In early summer we flew up to Connecticut where Namath still has summer Football camp for kids. As I recall we were there 3 days to shoot a “profile piece” on Namath.  It’s impossible to overstate how much fun it was shooting that piece. Namath was sincere,friendly and you would never have known he was still one of the most famous Sports celebrities in the nation.

Legendary  University of Alabama football coach Bear Bryant said Namath was, “the greatest athlete I have ever coached.”    At the 1985 Hall of Fame induction ceremony  Joe Namath got emotional and broke down in tears when he attributed his success to his deceased coach — Paul “Bear” Bryant — at Alabama.

“Wherever you are,” said Namath between sobs, “… thanks Coach.”

I’ve still got the Sun Visor!  The Joe Namath Football Camp starts July 10th 2017.  The 45th year!

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