Random Career Photo: NBC News Anchor Jessica Savitch

I can’t remember the date on this one.  Summer 1979 maybe.

Me and NBC News Washington Anchor Jessica Savitch on the set.   Jessica was one of the first women to anchor a network evening newscast.  I was audio on the program for a few months before I went into news field opns full time.  She was a serious journalist .The crew loved working with her.  Tragedy took her just a few years after this photo. She drowned in a creek in an overturned car.  I had a secret crush on her.


2 thoughts on “Random Career Photo: NBC News Anchor Jessica Savitch

  1. Yes She was all of that too. I didn’t see it up close. But I remember seeing her leave the building at 4001 Nebraska Ave. one Sunday night and she looked the part of what you describe. Best I recall it was only 1 man who hung himself.

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