It’s Veterans Day: “Don’t Thank me for my service”

basic PHotoI joined the Army in 1969.  On the battery of tests they give you, ,  one of the questions was:  “Which would you rather do?  Go to the Opera?  OR Go campout in Yellowstone National Park?

Of course I answered the Campout.  “Yep.., He’s infantry material.”    I finished at the top of my class in Basic Training and in the Infantry course, the Top 2 % Army Wide.  I took Basic training at Ft. Bliss –went to Infantry School at Ft. Lewis and Scout Dog training at Ft. Benning.  I landed  in the 101st Airborne Division (I Corps)  Vietnam 70-71. Vietnam was a defining experience for those of us who went, I”m glad I did. Combat Infantry.  At the Tip of the Spear. The ONLY place to be.


  ( My unit was the 42nd Infantry Platoon Scout Dog / 101St Airborne Division)

Double Click on the Chopper Photo above. You’ll see my  Scout Dog   “Argo”  his head over my leg.  He loved to watch the ground as we flew. Sometimes his saliva would blow back on the door gunner! They would always laugh!   We “Argo” and I walked “Point”  in the Jungle.  I live today because of that small ( 58 lb. Shepard) Best pure “Combat Dog” ever

     Among the most coveted awards in the US Army. 

The Combat Infantry Badgeimg_0271


The Bronze Star.  No Handshake. No Ceremony.

Bronze Star 2

Below:  Veterans Park in Palestine, Tx.  A brick with my name/unit and dates of service embedded here. 1994.  My Mom took great pride in showing  her son was a Combat Vet.

Vietnam Park in Palestine Tx

Professionally  I returned to Vietnam in 1995.  We shot a documentary at the 20 year point of the war’s end.  It was  an amazing trip. We did the entire country.  30 days .  Photo. Below shot at a POW/MIA recovery dig near Haiphong in the north.

1995 Doc SHOOT copy

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