Multi-Source real time Information Viewing

This is my minimum set up for watching news and scanning web news subscriptions.  It’s basically just 3 iPads/iphone  6+  and a 55′ Flat Screen DVR with RF headphones.

wa4d  News configurationation at home

My Global Media List. ( yes it has a western slant)

DOMESTIC  Media       Washington POST, NY Times, Baltimore Sun, LA Times,  Foreign Affairs, the Best of the Left podcast,  Bloomberg,  The National Review, Wall Street Journal.  

International Media —  BBC, the Guardian, South China Morning Post  (Hong Kong English Language) Council on Foreign Relations,  DieWelt (german use the translate…it’s good)  the Moscow Times/English Version.

Fact Check & Social Media – PolitFact, FactCheck.ORG,  Twitter I do not use FaceBook.

If I could only read one Media site daily it would be:

DomesticThe Wall Street Journal.    (Paywall. IMHO Best Paper in the USA)


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