My 1990 QSL card shot at the Laurel, Md FCC Monitoring Station

WA4D 1985 Card

The FCC site in Laurel had a small sign on the fence that said, *Monitoring Station* I wasn:t sure people would see it ( at left above).   So I went to an art store and bought a white board and 4 inch letters. I  made the *Monitoring Station* sign to hang under the FCC sign above..   When we left the house to go to Laurel for  QSL card shoot, it was windy…..So I took our American Flag down and tossed it in the vehicle.  It was still *windy*  when we got there.  You couldn’t  have staged that flag any better!!! It was a fun day.l.  Camera was a Minolta Maxxumm 7000. The first Auto-Focus DSLR.


      The DAWG:s  QSL Card was *Banned in QST!!!

I ordered the card from Visual Concepts in Overland Park. 500 cards. I still have a few left.  When I got the box in the mail, I called the manager of Visual Concepts  and told him he should use my card in their small ad in the back pages of QST.  He said, *You think it will get noticed?*  I said, *Yes Sir I do and besides its an amusing card*.  He said Ok he’d give it a shot. Well, he included my card in his Ad copy and it was published on page 146 of the December 1990 issue of QST magazine…. shortly after publication the Manager of Visual Concepts called me back. He said, that QST Advertising Manager Brad Thomas KC1EX  called him and informed Visual Concepts that QST magazine  had received complaints from ARRL members about my QSL Card.  He said, that Visual Concepts would not be allowed to advertise further in QST  if my card was in his ads.   In a word, the WA4D QSL card was *BANNED*  from QST!!   Yuk Yuk.  You can’t make this stuff up.!  Hey I told the guy my card would get *noticed*!!

For the record!  I am a member of the American Radio Relay League at this time!


Random Photos: No one had more fun in their career than wa4d

I was a Television field  photographer, field technical director, KU SAT Op and field producer for 18 years. Based in Washington DC I shot news and sports into the mid-90s. I took a Masters Degree and then went into television technical ops management.  (and I continued to have a professional blast in broadcasting.  In 2003 I went to work for KABC in LA. No one had more fun than I! Retired Fall of 2013. Age:63

mew collage

Random Career Photo:  First Time I went to the WHITE HOUSE

This was my first time to go to the White House. Age: 28. Feb. 1979.  As I recall it was a Sunday afternoon. President Carter was not on the grounds that day. I remember going into the Press Room (which was nothing like it is today, with the movie theatre style seating).   I  picked up a phone on the wall and called my grandMother in east texas. When I told her where her grandson was calling from she was of course beside herself.  I went back many times after this….but some years later when I was asked if I wanted a permanent  White House assignment , I declined.  It may be the White House, but for a photographer, it’s mostly “talking heads”.  Not my style.

Keynes Hayek The Clash That Defined Modern Economics by Nicholas Wapshott

What I am reading:

It took me 6 years to complete my undergraduate degree.  One of the reasons was the study of “Economics”. I stumbled into the classic  macro-economics  course at the University of Texas.  It was taught by a Rock Star Professor though I was unaware at the time of registration.  He was Harvard trained economist Dr. Clifton Grubbs an AAUP  teaching Professor of the Year. — Dr. Grubbs  and Paul Samuelson’s famous undergraduate textbook “Economics”  changed my world view!  — So take this recommendation!! Wapshott makes the “dismal science” fun! Oh and I took 4 more Economics department courses.  None counted toward my degree!

Keynes Hayek the Clash That Defined Modern Economics by Nicholas Wapshott

Random Ham Photo: SWL Antenna

Antenna Pix Mag Loop

Great Swl Antenna. Pricey but excellent HF performance (Below 15mhz)


We were living in Pasadena, Ca.  One day a realtor knocked on our door. He said, “I have a client who wants to buy your house”  !!!! That’s Southern Calif. for you. It wasn’t even for sale.

So, we sold it and moved to an apartment complex that was previously a Seminary. The buildings were beautiful, but the electrical system was terrible. With a random wire hanging off my balcony HF signals were near impossible to hear. The AC was “dirty” and made for miserable short wave listening.

I starting researching  and decided I’d try a Magnetic Loop.  I bought the Pixel Sat Magnetic Loop in hopes of a solution. It was outstanding. I put it out on our balcony.  The electrical  Noise reduction was near 40 db.  I was skeptical about the rotator doing much good…but a couple of hams said to get it. They were right. It is less about directional gain, than noise and interference reduction when turned just a few degrees.

Fun antenna. I still use it for SWL. (Pixel Sat was sold to DX Engineering)