Transmissions recently heard on 40mtrs

7200 Flex

N9RSY:    “Dawg you are mean-spirited”

       WD9SEF:  “WA4D is statistically insignificant”

             QRMer:   “Dawg I’ll tear your Fucking Head off

Multiple Hams on 7.200   “Dawg I could buy and sell you”

Banned from the DAWG. NO Talk:


What I am reading

The BOXThe Box: How the Shipping Container Made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger

As Americans complain of the globalized world, we often miss deveolopments right in front of us, that led to previously unknown levels of efficiency.  If you want to understand how one of the simplest ideas in history truly, truly changed the world, this is for you. Get it you’ll enjoy it.

From PUBLISHERS Weekly: A book about the history of the shipping container? At first, one has to wonder why. (An eventuality not lost on the author, who muses “What is it about the container that is so important? Surely not the thing itself…the standard container has all the romance of a tin can.”) The catch, though, is that Levinson, an economist, “treats containerization not as shipping news, but as a development that has sweeping consequences for workers and consumers all around the globe.”