Kenwood TS-990

990Ok I sold my FLEX 6300 w/AT. It took exactly one day to sell after posting it on the Flex Community site.  Sent it to Valencia Spain! Had it for 1 year and 1 month. Verdict?  Outstanding radio, fun to use, new operational model and a visual Blitzkrieg.  The Spectural Capture Units  (receivers)  boggled the mind. I learned alot about the SDR work-flow model and the new RF architecture that will fully displace the Super-Het model we’ve all used these many years.

That said, I missed the “Big Iron” Feel of a Full Boat Base Station radio. A “Knob Radio” in the vernacular.  The 990 puts the WOW back in Ham Radio for me. — I’ll do a Short Video on the FUN factor this spring and post.

Cheers, mike/wa4d