This is the face of HR 1301. Would you want to live in this neighborhood?

HR1301 PHoto for Blog

The ARRL’s so-called Ham Radio Parity act (HR 1301) is a resurrection of the 2014 version of the  bill (HR4969). This legislation would basically force the FCC to make HOA’s and other private covenant parties to be subject to PRB-1.  And make it more likely that structures like the one above could be put up.   It’s hard to imagine why one would have such a low regard for their neighbors as to erect the unsightly metal above.  But that’s ham radio!  Prospects for the bill?  The authoritative legislation tracking site, Gov.Track gives the bill a 2% chance of passage as of this writing.  REVISION: April 24th HR1301 chance of passage has now been reduced to 1%.

If Congress approves the legislation, and it is signed by the president, H.R. 1301 would require the FCC to amend its Part 97 Amateur Service rules to apply the three-part test of the PRB-1 federal pre-emption policy to include homeowners’ association regulations and deed restrictions, often referred to as “covenants, conditions, and restrictions” (CC&Rs).

Flip phone users: Are they even relevant in contemporary life?

Often I am struck by the number of Hams I hear on the bands who proudly and defiantly claim they use a Flip Phone. Dismissive of Smart phones as excess and unneeded they claim the minimalist flip phone is  all they need to be connected when mobile. The cost of smart devices is also mentioned as prohibitive by these users.

Flip PHONE Ham

“There are Known Knowns”

In the 2015 as the global information explosion continues at an expontential rate, the concept of  being “informed”  has changed. No longer is having a computer connected to the WWW supplemented by a Cable TV  subscription and perhaps a hard copy newspaper on the porch.  Those who subscribe to the “flip phone” model as being enough are Low Information citizens. Poorly informed they are disconnected from contemporary life.

Apple iPhone PHoto

The Smart Phone apps  may be but colorful icons, yet they represent the information streams of the era  that are analagous to the family Radio in the 1930’s.  And there are dozens and dozens of apps that bring substantive and often vital information to the user.  Automatically!

If you are a Ham and over 60 years old and don’t have a smart device, you are being left behind.   Perhaps that’s ok with you. But your information deficit makes you irrelevant to the great conversations of the era.

A current photo: wa4d

Way too many Hams do not post current or recent photos of themselves.  On some QRZ pages, it is often just the gear, a pile of radios (the electronic “man-cave”) and often some antennas. Granted that is what Ham Radio is about. The Gadgets, the Big Iron, the configuration.  And often when there is a photo, it’s from years ago.   Herewith,  I’m posting a current photo every couple of months.  Like it or not. Just a plain vanilla photo.


Three of the Best Books I read in 2014

It’s the end of the year. Don’t people look back at the past and choose best films? best books they read? Look for meaning?

accidental superpower 1Peter Zehan’s “The Accidental Super Power: The next generation of American preeminence and the coming global disorder”  Demographics, geography and the future.  Mainstream optimism and how lucky we are in the USA to have lived in this place, at this time in history. Curious about where we’re going?  Zehan’s Accidental Superpower will challenge every readers basic premises and constructs.   I am NOT an optimist so Zehan’s thesis was fresh!

So I thought I knew what it meant when reporters would routinely call North Korea the most “oppressive regime in the modern world”.  Jeezus, I was naive.

oms I

Adam Johnson’s “The Orphan Master’s Son” is  a novel containing such horror, tragedy and sadness and yet it is simultaneously engaging!  And revolting too! Setting: Follow the life of an orphan in North Korea who has survived a harsh upbringing full of dangerous work assignments, starvation and abuse and now, as a young man, is put to work by the state doing various nefarious tasks.

This book won the Pulitzer prize for fiction in 2013. It was gripping yet hard to read. Even painful in places.   Read what makes you “uncomfortable”!  I’m glad I did.

man from berlinThe Man from Berlin: by Luke McCallin.  Mystery murder in WWII. Unlikely setting since a single death, (hell even a thousand deaths)  in the east was insignificant.   But man what a read.! War, aristocrats, thugs, cops, Nazi’s and beautiful Women all in an exotic dangerous setting.

The “lost xcvr manual”

So you’re selling a radio in sparkling condition. Put it in the original box with original packing ready to ship.  But then the manual is lost! Where is it? Hell we just moved from California to Virginia. Never mind that we downsized and got lean for the Old years!  No “real ham” would ever lose the manual!

Found it the day after I shipped! Laughs.

the lost manual